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AASHTOWare Bridge Design and Rating Products Support Team
collapse Category : Basic ‎(6)
What is the difference between BrD and BrR?
What types of bridges does BrDR analyze?
How do I purchase BrD or BrR?
Why has my license expired? I just renewed it last year.
What licensing options do BrD and BrR provide?
What is the difference between 32-bit and 64-bit versions of AASHTOWare BrDR?
collapse Category : Non-Technical ‎(20)
What are Bridge Alternatives and do I have to create one?
Do I have to enter all of the data into BrDR?
How do I print a copy of my BrDR input?
How do I control the level of analysis output from within BrDR?
I saved a report generated by the Report Tool and now I can't view it!
Why won't my report open from the Analysis Output window?
What is “Distribution Factor – Line Girder Analysis”?
Where are the output files and data files located?
How do I change the analysis output folder location?
What username and password should I use for BrR?
How do I print the rating results?
What’s the difference between AASHTOWareBr68 and AASHTOWareBr68s?
How do I create a report containing specification check analysis output?
What type of output format do Crystal Reports provide?
How do I get informed about changes made to BrDR for bug fixes and enhancements?
What influences the speed of the 3D FEM analysis?
How is the live load analysis conducted in the 3D FEM analysis?
Why are the rating factors different between different versions of the BrDR program?
Does BrR rate non-standard gage vehicles for floor system or floor line superstructure definitions?
What superstructure types support substructure analysis from superstructure reactions?
collapse Category : Technical ‎(14)
I get a very low rating factor for an existing bridge. What is wrong?
How do I export a BrDR bridge so someone else can import it into their database?
How do I import a bridge into my database?
I get a zero shear rating for a schedule based reinforced concrete beam!
How do I interpret error message and warning message?
What are the differences between the Impact/Dynamic Load Allowance Factor defined under bridge, superstructure definition and member alternative?
How do I see the rating factors and controlling location for each member after performing analysis from the Bridge Explorer?
How do I input the Impact/Dynamic Load Allowance factor for a truss model?
Why can’t I delete the member alternative and vehicle after I save the analysis results?
How is the MBE lane-type legal load model defined?
What is the difference between notional vehicle and non-notional vehicle?
How do I view beam cross section properties for analysis stages?
How do I export/import analysis template?
Where do I find the moment capacity calculations for the reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete bridges?




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