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FAQs: How do I create a report containing specification check analysis output?


How do I create a report containing specification check analysis output?


Creating a report containing the specification check analysis output can be accomplished from the Specification Check window:

1.      In the specification check window, select the stage and/or analysis points for which to print the specification check results.
2.      Open the Report Tool by selecting the Report Tool toolbar button, or Bridge/Report Tool from the command menu.
3.      Select the articles to be included in the report as either all articles or selected articles. The all articles choice includes all articles currently displayed in the Specification Check window. Specific articles may be selected in the Specification Check window by holding the shift or control key down while selecting articles with the mouse.
4.      Select the format of the report as either bullet list or verbose. The bullet list format will print out the summary data shown in the Specification Check window. The verbose format will print out all of the specification check data displayed in the Spec Check Detail window.
5.      Click OK button to create the report.



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