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FAQs: Do I have to enter all of the data into BrDR?


Do I have to enter all of the data into BrDR?


The AASHTOWare Bridge database used by both BrD and BrR contains a complete and detailed description of the entire bridge superstructure. It is up to the user and/or their agency to determine the level of detail to be entered into BrDR. Entering as much data as possible the first time through is the preferred approach since the database preserves the data over a lifetime of design, load rating, re-analysis, permit analysis and rehabilitation analysis. If data that is deemed non-important for design is not entered and then later recognized as important for rating, the data will have to be entered at a later time when ratings or permit analyses are performed.
Some data in BrDR may not be used by all analysis engines. To determine if a specific data input item is used by a particular analysis engine, check the "Engine Related Help" link available in the BrDR Help file as follows:
1.     With a Bridge Workspace open in BrDR, set the analysis engine help configuration by selecting Help/Engine Help Configuration from the command menu. Select the analysis engine.
2.     Open the BrDR Help for the window containing the data item in question.
3.     Select the "Engine Related Help" link for that window. The analysis engine related help file will open displaying how and if the engine uses each data item on that window.
Please keep in mind that just because the current analysis engine does not use a particular input item, that does not mean future analysis engines won't use it. It is best to input as much data as possible now so that windows for many bridges will not have to be re-visited in the future.



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