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FAQs: What licensing options do BrD and BrR provide?


What licensing options do BrD and BrR provide?


Base System Option
The base system consists of the AASHTOWare Bridge database and the graphical user interface (GUI).  The base system can be licensed in several ways:
·         Standalone – End User
An agency may wish to use the base system to enable their own software tools for bridge design, load rating, routing and other applications.
·         Standalone – Developer
This option is available to third party developers, subject to AASHTOWare Bridge Task Force approval, who wish to create bridge software tools that would link to the AASHTOWare Bridge database and/or utilize the AASHTOWare Bridge Design/Rating GUI.
Single Workstation Option 
This option includes the complete AASHTOWare BrD or BrR software for designing or load rating on a standalone workstation. It also includes unlimited support.
Unlimited Option
This option includes the complete BrD or BrR software described above for use on an unlimited number of workstations within the agency and includes unlimited support.
Special Consultant/Agency Option
Consulting engineering firms performing bridge design or rating work, or other agencies working with and supplying information to/for a member agency holding a valid license to the AASHTOWare BrD or BrR Unlimited Option may obtain a single workstation copy of BrD or BrR for a special license fee.
Limited technical support is provided for the special consultant/agency license option. The support is for installation. The primary support channel for the consultant is through the agency which sponsors the license.
Agency Sponsored Consultant Licenses
A member agency that is a licensee of the AASHTOWare BrD or BrR Unlimited Option may purchase on behalf of consulting engineering firms performing design or rating work for the member agency or a local agency performing design or rating work for the member agency the following AASHTOWare BrD or BrR “10-packs”.
Evaluation Licenses
A free 120-day trial period is available for the AASHTOWare Bridge Products.
Educational Licenses
Educational institutions within the jurisdictions of AASHTO Member Departments, and/or Associate Members, may obtain the AASHTOWare Bridge Product software free of charge for use in the classroom.
Latest information about licensing options can be found in the AASHTOWare Catalog on



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